Valentus Prevail Emulin

Valentus Emulin is simply a natural substance obtained from the natural extracts of several plants, grapes, onions, and green coffee extracts.

The 3 active ingredients in the original formulation of Emulin are Quercetin, Myricetin, and Chlorogenic Acid.

The discovery by Dr. Joe Ahrens is not just the ingredients, but the way they work together. Although intended to be included in our diets by nature, they are no longer found together except in Emulin. This is part of the Emulin Plus patent.

Valentus  Emulin has the ability to lessen how glucose affects the metabolic process in humans.

Valentus Emulin actives help the body to overpower the negative side effects of carbs in a holistic and natural way, thereby providing a lot of energy all through the day.

Emulin puts back into your body what evolution intended to be a part of our diets, but modern agriculture and food processing mercilessly took out

Benefits of Emulin to the body


Valentus Emulin and Inflammation

Inflammation occurs when the body’s immune system responds to injury, irritation, or infection. Nonetheless acute or short-term inflammation is beneficial to the body, while chronic or long-term inflammation causes life-threatening diseases.

Some of the diseases caused by acute inflammation include cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and so much more. By adding Emulin to your meal, it will add the metabolic modifier into your diets in order to keep inflammation caused by eating a modern diet (refined carbohydrates) at bay.

EMULIN is the world’s first carbohydrate manager. It is a patented blend of grape skin, onion skin, and green coffee, minus the caffeine. It comes from Nobel Prize-nominated research

How Valentus Emulin Helps You Lose Weight and Burn Carbohydrates

Processed or Refined carbohydrates lack the nutrients and fiber needed for the body. These forms of carbohydrates reduce the body’s minerals and vitamins during the digestion. Furthermore, they also raise the body’s blood sugar rapidly.

The ingredients in Emulin and how they work together help by 1. reducing our cells’ resistance to Insulin allowing them to be able to absorb more sugars instead of storing the extra sugars in fat cell 2. Emulin helps to chaperone more of the sugars we eat daily to our body 3. Emulin helps our muscles to be able to absorb the new sugars being delivered.


Why We Emulin -Presently, we eat a lot of refined carbohydrates like starch and sugar, which are not healthy for the body. Consequently, the body goes through lengthy carbohydrate toxicity, which leads to inflammation and all forms of modern diseases.

Thankfully, Emulin will help restore and break down the missing nutrients from our diet to help us use the sugars we eat in a healthy natural way.

Valentus Emulin and Diabetes

Emulin is an effective treatment for type-2 diabetes and it reduces the rate and amount of sugar backed up in your bloodstream as it reduces cellular resistance to insulin so the sugars we consume are absorbed into the body system and reduces the Glycemic Impact (GI) of foods.

Furthermore, Emulin can also lessen the glucose level in the blood of an individual with type 2 diabetes. Emulin is simply a unique way of treating metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Emulin side effects

Emulin is naturally derived from organic biological modifiers found in fruits and plants.

For this reason, Emulin has no side effects – It is totally safe for everyone old and young, it is also safe for pregnant women and women nursing, ever safe to give your pets.

*Please consult your personal doctor if you are taking any medications, We have had no reported side effects taking this supplement but always check with your doctors


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose,treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results not typical and may vary.


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