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Ingredients of Valentus Emulin

The 3 active ingredients in the original formulation of Emulin are Quercetin, Myricetin and Chlorogenic Acid. The discovery by Dr. Joe Ahrens is not just the ingredients, but the way they work together. Although intended to be included in our diets by nature, they are no longer found together except in Emulin. This is part of the Emulin Plus patent.

Dr. Joe said, “We looked at what we were trying to accomplish. 1) regulate carbohydrates, 2) manage inflammation. With these two, we thought a host of metabolic disorders could be mitigated”.

Emulin Review

“We developed an algorithm, and with a supercomputer at UCLA, looked at over 10,000 bio-flavonoids and their effects on key regulating enzymes involved in these two areas. We narrowed the list down to 3. The 3 best bio-flavonoids that together, appeared to manage blood sugar and reduce inflammation”.

Where are the Ingredients for Emulin being produced?
Emulin itself is made up of 3 main Ingredients, the first one is grape and it is coming from the United States, it is the by product of the wine industry and the grape comes from there, the Coffee comes from India and the Onion comes from China from a trusted source that supplies to quite a few US companies.

Is Emulin Considered Organic?
It is not certified as Organic but it is Pesticide Free we have several certifications that you need to do for Botanicals and there is 1 that complies with an ISO, we we comply with all the ISO in terms of saying we are free of pesticides.

Is it free from GMO products?
Absolutely! There is nothing in Emulin that has anything near genetic modification, everything you get is all natural it is not chemical compounds, it is coming from real plants that grow in the ground, nothing is grown in a lab somewhere.

Are there known interactions with Valentus EMULIN and drugs?

EMULIN® E is made of substances that are found abundantly in Nature. In fact, the actives on EMULIN® E should be part of your daily diet. As such, there should be on interactions with known drugs. However, you are advised to consult with your doctor for specific medicines.

How about interaction with blood thinners?

We would not recommend that those on warfarin take Valentus EMULIN However, there no negative interactions with other blood thinners based on studies involving the actives of EMULIN® and the experience of our users. Nevertheless, we would recommend that you talk to your doctor.


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